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How to look sunshine gorgeous!

Wanna look gorgeous and sexy on the beach this summer?Here’s how!


The way to get a faultless fake tan is to take it nice and slow. Apply it properly and you won’t have any streaks. And wait for the tanning solution to properly settle before you head for the shower. That can mean all the different between a salon-professional tan and orange-streaky gal!


Frizzy hair comes with the summer heat. Don’t stress about it, because frizzy hair is pretty easy to deal with. Comb a leave-in hair conditioner (they usually come in spray or cream form) in the morning while your hair is still damp.

Skip heavy hairspray or mousses as they end up looking crunchy in the heat. Try Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Marine Beachcomber Leave in Conditioner.

If your hair is very long, you can twist it up into a loose chiffon.


Buff your nails until they are really glossy before you apply nail polish, as you will be getting rid of any lumps and bumps PLUS your polish will stay on for longer.

Cover chips with tiny dabs of nail polish in the same color, then brush your entire nail over with a glossy topcoat.