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Luminess Tan Airbrush System. Step By Step Guide To The Healthiest Tan You Have Ever Had

This video contains real Luminess Tan airbrush tanning results and instructions.

The Luminess Tan Airbrush System

Why does Allure Magazine called Luminess Tan: “America’s Hottest Self Tanner”

What is so great about the Luminess Tan airbrush tanning system?

Luminess Tan is a breakthrough in at-home tanning systems. It doesn’t harm your skin, it will never turn you orange, it’s safe and it lasts for up to 14 days.

Here is a detailed step-by-step instruction to the Luminess Tanning system.

With Luminess Tan you will get salon professional results that last. It’s as if you’ve just spent a week on holiday at the beach.


There’s a cap that you screw onto the Luminess Tan bottle. You stick that onto the bottom of the airbrush.

The secret to airbrush tanning is all in how you hold the airbrush stylus. Hold it like a pen with your index finger placed on the airbrush button. Switch it on and you’re ready to go.


Begin with your legs. Hold the airbrush stylus around 6-12 inches away from your body and make long continuous strokes all along your legs. The key tip is ALWAYS KEEP THE STYLUS MOVING.

If you spray too close or pull back too far on the airbrush button, you’ll get a blotchy patch, it’s fine, just wipe it off with a towel or tissue. Don’t forget your knees, you can airbrush those with smaller circular motions.

Then move on to your stomach. Again, you want long sweeping motions. Go up down, up down, then move across. If you have trouble with your back, ask a friend to help out.

Now it’s your chest and shoulder area. Spray across in long sweeps. If you stop and start, you might end up with too much on certain areas, but it’s so easy to wipe off and start again.

Arms next. You can airbrush them as you do your legs, from top to bottom in long sweeping movements. Rotate your arms so they are all covered.

Now do you arms, then your feet.


You will use up about half a bottle of Luminess Tanning solution for your first base tan.

If you want to, you can follow up 2 to 5 days later with the remaining half. That’s to deepen your tan.

For maintenance, you can use around a third of a bottle to apply a top-up layer.

Let your tan set into your skin for 30 minutes. The difference will be unbelievable. Wait 12 hours before you shower. That gives the tanning solution plenty of time to settle in and do its magic. You’ll have the healthiest, most natural, healthy tan.

When you buy Luminess tan you do get a quick start guide, it’s really clear with illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Hope you enjoyed this detailed guide to the Luminess Tan Airbrush system.

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Happy tanning to you……