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Here’s a guest post all about the benefits of airbrush tanning. So you can see what Luminess Tan and their airbrush tanning solution might provide you with the best way to produce a natural looking, brilliant fake tan without the cost or hassle of going to a salon.

Airbrush Tanning – Get a Natural, Healthy Glow Safely and Easily!

Now, more than ever, most of us simply can’t find the time to lie in the sun and work on a tan and tanning salons are neither healthy nor cheap. Exposing yourself to the harmful UV rays of the sun isn’t healthy in the long run either, Airbrush tanning is a safe, affordable way of getting a healthy, natural looking tan that lasts for up to ten days. Perfect for getting that ‘just back from the Caribbean’ look that we all want. This technique is both fast acting and long lasting. If you want to look great and have your friends ask you were you’ve been, then you have to look into airbrush tanning.

How long does an airbrush tan last?

This depends on a persons skin type and also the activities you like to do. As a minimum the tan lasts 5-7 days, but can last up to 10 days. If you use follow up oils and applications, then the tan can last almost indefinitely. Use a tanning extender with DHA and Erythrolose daily to extend the lifetime of the tan and keep it looking as great as possible, healthy and glowing.

What is the difference between using airbrush for tanning and using creams or lotions?

Tanning with an airbrush or tanning using cream or lotions, basically uses the same ingredients in many cases, but that’s where the similarities stop. Tanning with an airbrush gives a much smoother and better looking tan. Even with the help of a friend, you can’t achieve the consistency and smoothness, that you can with an airbrush.

What other advantages are there?

Airbrush tanning is sunless tanning. People that have a hard time getting tanned normally will finally be able to enjoy having a great glowing tan. One simple and quick tan session with an airbrush is the equivalent of 6 tanning salon sessions, saving you time and money while keeping you out of the harmful UV rays. You are also spared uncomfortable sun burns or irritations.

Should you buy your own tanning airbrush or go to a shop?

This depends on how often you plan on going. If you want a tan that lasts, then it will be much cheaper in the long run to buy your own airbrush than to pay for individual sessions. If you just want to look good for one special occasion then a visit to the salon may be better.

Get your own airbrush tanning equipment

Article Source: Airbrush Tanning – Get a Natural, Healthy Glow Safely and Easily!

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Luminess Airbrush Tanning Reviews: what’s the best airbrush tanner? /luminess-airbrush-tanning-reviews-whats-the-best-airbrush-tanner /luminess-airbrush-tanning-reviews-whats-the-best-airbrush-tanner#comments Mon, 16 Aug 2010 14:22:31 +0000 Tan Lover /?p=88 Wondering whether or not to try out the Luminess Tan airbrush tanning system? If you are looking to get a hot sexy tan without damaging your skin in the sun, then airbrush tanning gives a much better finish and professional look over tanning creams or tanning salons that spray a fine mist over you. At home airbrush tanning systems cost a lot less than a visit to a beauty/tanning salon but achieves the same results.

The best thing is that you can adjust the tint so easily…so if you want a darker, really Brazilian look you can achieve that, but if you just want a teeny tiny hint of a bronzed glow, just mix up the Luminess Tan airbrush solution to get that effect too. That’s why the Hollywood stars all go for airbrushing these days not just for tanning but for make up too. You can control the flow of the tanning solution a lot better and so you don’t end up with streaks, finger marks or nasty drip marks.

Luminess Tan is a safe bet amongst the airbrush tanners out there. First of all, it has been developed by Luminess Air who are experts in airbrush make up solutions. Then, and maybe most importantly, Luminess Tan stays effective (they claim up to 700% more effective…not sure about that but it’s more powerful all right) and the tan stays on your skin for much longer than with other airbrush tanners.

If you’re not sure, take up their LUMINESS TAN TRIAL OFFER which, at the time of writing, comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

It takes about 20 minutes to get a really great all over tan. If you want to make the tan last longer, exfoliate your body all over beforehand and moisturize every day afterwards.

Watch this video for more about the Luminess Tan airbrush system:

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So now you have a hot and sexy airbrush tan, how to keep it? /so-now-you-have-a-hot-and-sexy-airbrush-tan-how-to-keep-it /so-now-you-have-a-hot-and-sexy-airbrush-tan-how-to-keep-it#comments Fri, 13 Aug 2010 15:20:09 +0000 Tan Lover /?p=84 So, you have been busy applying your Luminess Tan. You are looking bronzed and beautiful and you want your skin to stay that way. Here are some key tips on how to prolong that gorgeous tan so you can stay honey-bronzed and beautiful for up to two weeks and more. Read on for more information on Luminess Tan, airbrush tanning and keeping a sun tan for as long as possible.

This is what happens when you spray on your Luminess Tan or any airbrush tanning system. The unique and tested formula of the Luminess Tan airbrush solution features both an instant bronzer for immediate color so you can see how thoroughly you have sprayed it on (a very clever added feature) and tanning actives which are designed to physically darken skin. Essentially, the tanner activates a pigment in your epidermal layer in the same way the sun does to make your skin darker. Because it mimics the way your skin works, you get a natural tan, not some nasty orange paint job.

When you tan naturally out in the sun, your tan only lasts on average between six to 10 days. That’s because of the natural turnover of cells, but there are ways of extending the regenerating process of your cells. Luminess Tan lasts up to two weeks on average but again, there are some useful tips to help extend your tan.

Firstly: before you add your airbrushing tan  it helps to have a vigorous body scrub all over your body. You can use a salt scrub or any other exfoliating scrub.   A loofah or perhaps exfoliating gloves or  something similar will help. Brush in small, vigorous circles to get your blood circulation flowing as well which helps keep cellulite at bay. This will mean that your skin cells are new and at the beginning of their renewal cycle before you apply your airbrush tan so your tan will last a lot longer.

After applying your self tan, keep your body hydrated: both inside and outside. Drink lots of water and apply moisturizer generously every day. Pick a moisturizer that has extra hydrating ingredients. And keep off the exfoliants and body scrubs after getting your beautiful airbrush tan. Exfoliating and excess scrubbing will cause your top layer of skin to shed more quickly, and thus letting your tan lose its glow quicker. Hope you have found these Luminess Tan airbrush system tips useful! Wishing you well for your glorious, naturally-looking and totally hot tan!

Remember, there’s a great trial offer currently available for Luminess Tan. Click here for more details.

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How to look sunshine gorgeous! /how-to-look-sunshine-gorgeous /how-to-look-sunshine-gorgeous#comments Mon, 14 Jun 2010 08:15:31 +0000 Tan Lover /?p=81 Wanna look gorgeous and sexy on the beach this summer?Here’s how!


The way to get a faultless fake tan is to take it nice and slow. Apply it properly and you won’t have any streaks. And wait for the tanning solution to properly settle before you head for the shower. That can mean all the different between a salon-professional tan and orange-streaky gal!


Frizzy hair comes with the summer heat. Don’t stress about it, because frizzy hair is pretty easy to deal with. Comb a leave-in hair conditioner (they usually come in spray or cream form) in the morning while your hair is still damp.

Skip heavy hairspray or mousses as they end up looking crunchy in the heat. Try Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Marine Beachcomber Leave in Conditioner.

If your hair is very long, you can twist it up into a loose chiffon.


Buff your nails until they are really glossy before you apply nail polish, as you will be getting rid of any lumps and bumps PLUS your polish will stay on for longer.

Cover chips with tiny dabs of nail polish in the same color, then brush your entire nail over with a glossy topcoat.

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Luminess Tan Airbrush System. Step By Step Guide To The Healthiest Tan You Have Ever Had /luminess-tan-airbrush-system-step-by-step-guide-to-the-healthiest-tan-you-have-ever-had /luminess-tan-airbrush-system-step-by-step-guide-to-the-healthiest-tan-you-have-ever-had#comments Sun, 06 Jun 2010 04:01:12 +0000 Tan Lover /?p=72 This video contains real Luminess Tan airbrush tanning results and instructions.

The Luminess Tan Airbrush System

Why does Allure Magazine called Luminess Tan: “America’s Hottest Self Tanner”

What is so great about the Luminess Tan airbrush tanning system?

Luminess Tan is a breakthrough in at-home tanning systems. It doesn’t harm your skin, it will never turn you orange, it’s safe and it lasts for up to 14 days.

Here is a detailed step-by-step instruction to the Luminess Tanning system.

With Luminess Tan you will get salon professional results that last. It’s as if you’ve just spent a week on holiday at the beach.


There’s a cap that you screw onto the Luminess Tan bottle. You stick that onto the bottom of the airbrush.

The secret to airbrush tanning is all in how you hold the airbrush stylus. Hold it like a pen with your index finger placed on the airbrush button. Switch it on and you’re ready to go.


Begin with your legs. Hold the airbrush stylus around 6-12 inches away from your body and make long continuous strokes all along your legs. The key tip is ALWAYS KEEP THE STYLUS MOVING.

If you spray too close or pull back too far on the airbrush button, you’ll get a blotchy patch, it’s fine, just wipe it off with a towel or tissue. Don’t forget your knees, you can airbrush those with smaller circular motions.

Then move on to your stomach. Again, you want long sweeping motions. Go up down, up down, then move across. If you have trouble with your back, ask a friend to help out.

Now it’s your chest and shoulder area. Spray across in long sweeps. If you stop and start, you might end up with too much on certain areas, but it’s so easy to wipe off and start again.

Arms next. You can airbrush them as you do your legs, from top to bottom in long sweeping movements. Rotate your arms so they are all covered.

Now do you arms, then your feet.


You will use up about half a bottle of Luminess Tanning solution for your first base tan.

If you want to, you can follow up 2 to 5 days later with the remaining half. That’s to deepen your tan.

For maintenance, you can use around a third of a bottle to apply a top-up layer.

Let your tan set into your skin for 30 minutes. The difference will be unbelievable. Wait 12 hours before you shower. That gives the tanning solution plenty of time to settle in and do its magic. You’ll have the healthiest, most natural, healthy tan.

When you buy Luminess tan you do get a quick start guide, it’s really clear with illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Hope you enjoyed this detailed guide to the Luminess Tan Airbrush system.

It’s worth a trial. Check out the Luminess best priced offer for less than $1 a day with 100% moneyback guarantee

Happy tanning to you……

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