Luminess Tan Review

Does the Luminess Tan airbrush system really work?

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Luminess Air (the company behind Luminess Tan, the airbrush makeup system) claims that their airbrush makeup delivers seamless tanning, easy-to-apply and polished makeup results: just like the polished glow achieved by professional makeup artists.

One of their airbrush tutorial videos is even hosted by John Elliott, the makeup artist for the hit TV show, Desperate Housewives. But does the Luminess Tan claims stack up? Here's a review of Luminess Tan from my own experience to let you know if Luminess Tan works.

Luminess Tan promises many benefits, here are just a few:
1. Easy and quick to apply
2. A flawless finish
3. A hygienic method since no brushes, fingers or sponges touch your face
4. 99.99% color match


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Some of the key benefits of Luminess Tan 

Let's address each claim made by Luminess Tan for their airbrush make up system.

The last time I used an airbrush was at school in art class and I didn't find it easy to use at all. In those days, airbrushes could spit, clog and sputter and so I was worried if this would happen with the Luminess Tan airbrush. I was concerned too about overspraying and creating overlapping streaks or looking like a clown!

My first impression of the Luminess Tan airbrush was how cute, portable and simple it looked. My airbrush at school was attached to a giant paint pot through a clumsy tube, but this airbrush was small and self-contained. It looked easy to maintain and clean too.

The first time I tried to apply it, I created a mess. Various parts of my face were uneven, particularly the nose. So I would say that Luminess Tan is not as easy to apply as you might think. However, it only took 2-3 goes and I have to say it did become really easy.

Now that I can create an even tone and do it quickly, in fact now I find it easier and preferable to using a self-tanning cream. Your fingers don't get all sticky and the finishing is unbelievable. So I would say it's very easy and quick to apply BUT only after a couple of practice goes. So if you have a big night out planned, I would suggest you try your airbrushing makeup a couple of times beforehand to make sure you have it right. It helps to have a friend around too for the first time to help you out with bits that you might have missed, such as the back.

I've used self-tanners and except for a couple of orange accidents and streaky lines I've been pretty happy with the results. However, airbrush makeup takes the finish to a whole other level. Now I know why those covergirl models use it and why it's become the professional makeup artists' weapon of choice. The finish is as smooth as the claims, flawless and gives an unbelievable glow. The foundation might feel a little watery at first but it's just a case of getting used to a different texture.  The foundation is thinner than normal foundation because you're using an airbrush to apply it. It's better than normal foundation exactly for that reason. You're not after heavy coverage, you want a smooth, flawless but natural looking finish.

I can't really say on any scientific level if airbrush makeup is more hygienic, but I guess using my common sense it seems to be. My normal foundation is pretty gross when I think about it, it's a gunky gloop that I use my not-so-clean fingers or unwashed sponge to apply. Meanwhile the airbrush foundation doesn't get touched by my mucky fingers, brushes or sponges, it goes straight onto the face so it does feel cleaner that way.

I have problems finding a normal foundation that totally matches my face and neck color tone. In this regard, Luminess Tan wins out because you can create a total color match really easily. I guess only airbrush or liquid foundation can do this for you.

All-in-all I think the Luminess Tan is a worthwhile product. It does take some practice so you can't simply open up the box and get a perfect all around tan the first time out, but after a few goes, you'll going to wonder how you ever used creams, compact foundations, self-tanners and the like. It really does create a beautiful, professional finish.
Luminess Tan
100% moneyback guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
Luminess Tan has a 30-day Return & 100% money back guarantee so you can try it with peace of mind.