So now you have a hot and sexy airbrush tan, how to keep it?

So, you have been busy applying your Luminess Tan. You are looking bronzed and beautiful and you want your skin to stay that way. Here are some key tips on how to prolong that gorgeous tan so you can stay honey-bronzed and beautiful for up to two weeks and more. Read on for more information on Luminess Tan, airbrush tanning and keeping a sun tan for as long as possible.

This is what happens when you spray on your Luminess Tan or any airbrush tanning system. The unique and tested formula of the Luminess Tan airbrush solution features both an instant bronzer for immediate color so you can see how thoroughly you have sprayed it on (a very clever added feature) and tanning actives which are designed to physically darken skin. Essentially, the tanner activates a pigment in your epidermal layer in the same way the sun does to make your skin darker. Because it mimics the way your skin works, you get a natural tan, not some nasty orange paint job.

When you tan naturally out in the sun, your tan only lasts on average between six to 10 days. That’s because of the natural turnover of cells, but there are ways of extending the regenerating process of your cells. Luminess Tan lasts up to two weeks on average but again, there are some useful tips to help extend your tan.

Firstly: before you add your airbrushing tan  it helps to have a vigorous body scrub all over your body. You can use a salt scrub or any other exfoliating scrub.   A loofah or perhaps exfoliating gloves or  something similar will help. Brush in small, vigorous circles to get your blood circulation flowing as well which helps keep cellulite at bay. This will mean that your skin cells are new and at the beginning of their renewal cycle before you apply your airbrush tan so your tan will last a lot longer.

After applying your self tan, keep your body hydrated: both inside and outside. Drink lots of water and apply moisturizer generously every day. Pick a moisturizer that has extra hydrating ingredients. And keep off the exfoliants and body scrubs after getting your beautiful airbrush tan. Exfoliating and excess scrubbing will cause your top layer of skin to shed more quickly, and thus letting your tan lose its glow quicker. Hope you have found these Luminess Tan airbrush system tips useful! Wishing you well for your glorious, naturally-looking and totally hot tan!

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