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Luminess Airbrush Tanning Reviews: what’s the best airbrush tanner?

Wondering whether or not to try out the Luminess Tan airbrush tanning system? If you are looking to get a hot sexy tan without damaging your skin in the sun, then airbrush tanning gives a much better finish and professional look over tanning creams or tanning salons that spray a fine mist over you. At home airbrush tanning systems cost a lot less than a visit to a beauty/tanning salon but achieves the same results.

The best thing is that you can adjust the tint so easily…so if you want a darker, really Brazilian look you can achieve that, but if you just want a teeny tiny hint of a bronzed glow, just mix up the Luminess Tan airbrush solution to get that effect too. That’s why the Hollywood stars all go for airbrushing these days not just for tanning but for make up too. You can control the flow of the tanning solution a lot better and so you don’t end up with streaks, finger marks or nasty drip marks.

Luminess Tan is a safe bet amongst the airbrush tanners out there. First of all, it has been developed by Luminess Air who are experts in airbrush make up solutions. Then, and maybe most importantly, Luminess Tan stays effective (they claim up to 700% more effective…not sure about that but it’s more powerful all right) and the tan stays on your skin for much longer than with other airbrush tanners.

If you’re not sure, take up their LUMINESS TAN TRIAL OFFER which, at the time of writing, comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

It takes about 20 minutes to get a really great all over tan. If you want to make the tan last longer, exfoliate your body all over beforehand and moisturize every day afterwards.

Watch this video for more about the Luminess Tan airbrush system: